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1. Name: Jessica
2. Age: Just turned 17
3. Location: Carilse, Iowa AkA boring tiny town near DSM
4. Five fave bands: Cake, Sugarcult, Audio Adrenaline, The Ataris, The King Singers
5. Five fave movies: Airlane!, Animal House, The Jerk, Corky Romano, Big Daddy
6. Hobbies/Interests: Mainly: Being w/ my friends and my bf, LJ, Singing, Dancing, Jewelery (making it, not buying it XD)

Your thoughts on
7. Drugs: I've smoked before, but I quit. Other than that, I don't and haven't, but I dun really care if somebody else does; it's their decision.
8. Alcohol: I have nothing against a drink now and again, but I don't party alla time. Besides, it's illegal until age 21 b/c your brain is still developing until then.
9. Smoking: I don't (anymore), but it's your life.
10. Abortion: Ok, I don't like it, but it's their choice, not mine.
11. The MODs: I like MODs that keep everyting under control, and don't let ppl get too vicious.
12. Sex: Tried it, liked it, but I felt guilty, so... I'm shaky on this one... ;)

And Last:
13. promote us to at least 2 livejournals/communitys-- leave the link!

at least 3 pics, and 1 body shot.

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