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uhmm am i hot?

The basics
1. Name: angela.
2. Age: sixteen years old.
3. Location: fountain valley, ca.
4. Five fave bands: fischerspooner; le tigre; ladytron; peaches; & mount sims.
5. Five fave movies: american history x; trainspotting; napoleon dynamite; sixteen candles; & the outsiders.
6. Hobbies/Interests: photography; painting; skateboarding; snowshredding; & wakeboarding.

Your thoughts on
7. Drugs: do what you wanna do. i am straight edge.
8. Alcohol: do what you wanna do. i am straight edge.
9. Smoking: do what you wanna do. i am straight edge.
10. Abortion: it's her choice. i think it's wrong, but i havent been in this situation yet.
11. The MODs: i think they are awesome. i can just tell by how their layouts are really pretty & stuff.
12. Sex: it's a beautiful thing.

And Last:
13. promote us to at least 2 livejournals/communitys-- leave the link! midniteonabeach & xocprincesshbx
14. who invited you to the community? beautifullikeyu.

at least 3 pics, and 1 body shot.
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